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Legal Impact

Some statistics for Legal Services Vermont in 2023:

  • answered about 9,000 requests for legal help
  • gave legal advice and information to 4,725 Vermonters over the phone
  • saw 560,574 page views on our legal help website at
  • helped 329 victims of crime
  • represented 528 households facing eviction
  • advocated for 73 Vermonters who lost Social Security benefits
  • helped 102 Vermonters navigate bankruptcy and debt collection
  • fought for 79 Vermonters to get emergency housing
  • sent 1,172 cases to Vermont Legal Aid

Our lawyers and paralegals often have a lasting, life-changing impact on their clients.

On any given day, LSV’s lawyers and paralegals might help someone get heat back on in their apartment or find emergency housing, help a senior reclaim their lost Social Security benefits, help a battered woman get protective orders from the court, or help a family navigate the eviction or bankruptcy process.

Learn how to get legal help.

Vermonters ask us most often about legal issues like these, in descending order:

  • Housing
  • Family
  • Benefits
  • Consumer
  • Individual Rights
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Other
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